Top Jobs In Demand In Coronavirus Pandemic

At a time when the world is battling with the Coronavirus induced slowdown and amid reports of salary and job cuts, there are certain job roles that are still in high demand. The good news is that most of the skills related to these jobs are in-demand in today’s economy and are well positioned to continue to grow in the future. Check them out here!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become a lifeline for several organizations. With more people consuming information online, companies are seeking to reduce their marketing spends and drive greater ROI. Digital Marketing is currently the trending career option in the global market as traditional marketing is out of the question.

Online Teaching

Online teaching seems to have flourished the most during the COVID-19 pandemic. With all schools and colleges partially being closed, students need teachers to help them with their studies. During this uncertainty, online teaching seems to be the only option. If you are passionate about teaching, online teaching seems to be a lucrative career option.

Cyber Security

This will be at the centre of the new era as every industry will adopt digital transformation. The development of safe, and secure payment gateways, and security walls will drive this market growth. It will involve the use of blockchain, application program interface (API), and other advancements to arrest the occurrence of cybercrimes and financial fraud.

Data Scientists

The internet is something we now depend on for entertainment, education or work. There has been an increase in data usage across the world with millions working from home. With this growth, the tech industry will fitness rise in opportunities for network engineers, tech engineers and in data science areas.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI focuses on the creation of smart machines that imitate human intelligence. There is a growing demand to understand the way a machine learns, how it takes data inputs and information from its environment and decides its response without human intervention.

In IR 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution) with everything being automated, this is a critical skill to have.

Risk Management

We are living in extraordinary times. Risk management plays a vital role amidst such uncertainties like the pandemic. It is one of the most critical skills required in post-COVID-19 workplaces to understand the different circumstances, analyse and predict consequences, and prepare for the impact it can have for the company.

The pandemic has encouraged us to acknowledge the sensitive nature of our career decisions, and how unprecedented events may lead to a complete turnaround. It is time for us to be sensible in our career choices, and our decisions should be made in line with the career trends to follow in a post COVID-19 world.

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